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These tips are collected from Human Design trainings, primarily from Ra Uru Hu and Martin Grassinger. You'll recognize a few that have evolved as universal wisdom over the ages. They all change you at a cellular level.

They are simple.

They are powerful.

Do you want to try them?

  •  You become healthy when you start living your true nature.

  •  Follow your strategy and authority.

  •  Honor your authority - "correct decisions are the best medicine" as spoken by Ra.

  •  Express gratitude in your own way: write it, say it, think it, paint it, plant it, sing it, dance it, laugh it!

  •  Do only those things that bring you great JOY.

  •  Laugh if you feel like it!

  •  Before beginning anything, come from an internal place of quiet, calm joy for what you will do.

  •  Accept your limitations. You’re human. You’re not designed to do everything, and if you try, it can make you sick.
     Do you want to be healthy?

  •  Sleep alone.

  •  Wear what’s comfortable for YOU, not what your well-intentioned friends and make-over artists recommend!

  •  I offer Primary Health Strategy (PHS) Overviews.

  •  Remember, health always moves forward, not backwards.


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